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  • I have only been blogging for 6 months and I was in over my head. My host told me I needed to optimize my... read more

    Chas Avatar

    I'm a WP developer, and when I cant solve a problem, there is only one place to GO. WP-Fix IT. My last problem... read more

    T.J. Avatar

    After thinking for whole day I decided to get a help and support from WP Fixit. They immediately jump on to fix the issue and... read more

    Jagadish Avatar

    positive review minutes to fix the problem, perfect.

    Mal Avatar

    positive review One of the most respected Wordpress Maintenance Companies? I didn't believe it until I tried them. Now I wouldn't go anywhere else. Two thumbs up.... read more

    Danny Avatar

    I was skeptical at first, but wow, these folks really know what they're doing! They fixed our WordPress issue in less than 5 minutes. Support... read more

    Nicholas Avatar

    Really fast and reliable service. They helped me switch to httml.

    Emily Avatar

    Wow! WP Fix It sped up my website immediately, in about 20 minutes, when I have been working for week after week trying to... read more

    Laura Avatar

    Awesome support! Fixed our issue very quickly.

    Glenn Avatar

    When I needed an update to my site's CSS WP Fix It did it in seconds - and this is something that I was trying... read more

    Jaclyn Avatar

    This is a great company! Jarrett and his team are the most responsive and helpful people, I've worked with them for months on multiple projects... read more

    Christina Avatar

    I was completely overwhelmed by problems on my site. I know nothing about using Wordpress beyond the basics. Jay at WP Fixit solved the problems... read more

    Roxann Avatar

    Jarred, fixing a problem I couldn’t solve, in 45 seconds or less!! THANK YOU!!!

    Meredith Avatar

    positive review I have received great service! Tried to solve my problem myself but to no avail. I'm so glad I found them, now I will never... read more

    Liezl Avatar

    positive review I definitely will be using wp fix it for all my services! They were quick, friendly and fixed my problem with no hesitation! Highly recommend them!

    Tabatha Avatar

    Great experience! They did a perfect job with an issue I just couldn't resolve, and they did it faster than I could have imagined. Thank you!!

    Cliff Avatar

    After some initial communication misunderstanding--mine--the technician got right to work on the issue and got my wordpress site where I wanted in short order. ... read more

    Sandra Avatar

    Very straightforward help. You have a bug, they fix it. Trustworthy and fast, which is important when you have an emergency on your site and... read more

    Manya Avatar

    positive review I used their repair service just a week ago - Jay had it fixed in no time - was so happy I decided to use... read more

    Larry Avatar

    Thanks WP Fix It- Great service and knowledgeable staff. I have used them many times and they can fix issues quickly. They fixed my issue... read more

    Sandy Avatar
  • positive review Fast, quick service! Will happily use again :)

    Liesl Avatar

    Jay at WP Fix it did a great job! I just had one little problem and I didn't need to hire someone crazy. ... read more

    Clay Avatar

    positive review We definitely recommend WP Fix It. For several years they've expertly handled the things on our site which we simply couldn't, quickly and at a... read more

    Wyndotte Avatar

    Always so helpful! Jarrett and his team have helped me figure out some of my most puzzling problems on Wordpress. I love this company! :)

    Carolyn Avatar

    Amazingly fast service with great customer support. I am a WP newbie and spent hours trying to resolve the issue so it was great to... read more

    James Avatar

    I'm impressed. This is the fastest, most efficient service I have ever experienced in years. I will always contact you from now on for my... read more

    General WordPress Support 24/7 Image

    General WordPress Support 24/7

    nicoland8 Avatar

    These guys fixed my word press issues in less than an hour and for under 30 quid. Certainly worked for me...

    Rob Avatar

    I had an error that I had been struggling with for over a week, going through different services and ideas of how to get my... read more

    Ricky Avatar

    In less than 10 minutes all my WP issues fixed! that not fast that's rocket speed! amazing job and also affordable prices. Sport is amazing!

    Carina Avatar

    positive review I've had to reach out to WP Fix It because I'm competent enough to do most things on Wordpress, but every now and then an... read more

    Lauretta Avatar

    This service was extremely fast and efficient with solving our WordPress website issues due to a hosting service transfer and missing database files. Our completely... read more

    Boaz Avatar

    Excellent service - quick response time and went the extra mile to be sure the issue was thoroughly resolved.

    John Avatar

    Used them three times now - twice in the past week.

    Had a stack of mismatches with my SSL - and google chrome was flagging up...
    read more

    David Avatar

    Perfect service, great price, fast and reliable. Will use again! 5*

    Matt Avatar

    I had a site with a malware infection and Jay took care of it promptly. Great work

    Jeff Avatar

    I'd been working on site configuration and optimization for a while but was not getting the results I needed. WP Fix It stepped in immediately... read more

    Chris Avatar

    Told them exactly what I needed and it was done in less than 24 hours. Super easy to work with.

    Emily Avatar

    positive review Great service. Very Fast. Very patient with me (I kept messing up the login so he was delayed). Jay was able to get significant speed... read more

    Robert Avatar

    positive review Super fast service and they were able to fix something very quickly that I had been working on for hours. Highly recommend. 😀

    Nora Avatar

    Fast, friendly WordPress fix service. Thanks! Don't stress out - get WP Fixit to help. Easy!

    Keely Avatar
  • You were fast and reliable as always. I had people from another company working on this for well over 24hrs and they were never able... read more

    General WordPress Support 24/7 Image

    General WordPress Support 24/7

    Ryan Avatar

    As usual, WP Fixit to the rescue for a confounding theme issue with a hard-coded image that I couldn't change on my own. The WP... read more

    Kristen Avatar

    I was very pleasantly surprised by the skill, speed and value WPFixIt provides. As a first time user, I give them a big thumbs up... read more

    Bill Avatar

    I own a Video Production Company and I have used WP Fix It numerous times and worked on many client projects with Founder Jarrett Gucci... read more

    Jonathan Avatar

    The 'fix it' agent was fast and competent. My problem was solved the same evening I requested help. The agent even briefly explained how to... read more

    Eileen Avatar

    It's a good company and treats you with tespect.I recommend this anyone.

    Janice Avatar

    After tinkering away for months thinking I could resolve my little Wordpress glitch on my own, I finally relented and sought the assistance of WP... read more

    Robyn Avatar

    I have had one wonderful experience after another with WP Fix It. I have often worked with Jay, though I have worked with others on... read more

    Heather Avatar

    Excellent service and once my site was cleaned up Google reinstated it within 12 hours. Nothing bad, always polite and helpful and nothing else to... read more

    Scott Avatar

    Just used WP fix it to get my website running faster. They did an awesome job! It's running much faster now. Will... read more

    Jaimie Avatar

    positive review I entered my support issue yesterday a little after noon and by 11PM my issue was resolved. it probably would have been quicker if I... read more

    Robert Avatar

    Excellent WordPress maintenance service with a fast turnaround. I'll definitely use this company again when needed - Highly recommended!

    Christian Avatar

    I am so thankful that I found WP Fix it. After being given the run around by several other companies, not to mention wanting to... read more

    Stan Avatar

    Really great service partner

    K Avatar

    WP FixIt knocked it out of the park again. Their service is above non. Highly recommend them to fix any WP issues. I just recommended... read more

    Kay Avatar

    Best Service I have ever seen. Highly recommended to get your WP issues fixed in no time.

    Mazhar Avatar

    Jay was extremely knowledgeable and quick to help. He resolved my issue within 30 minutes - something I had worked to resolve for quite a... read more

    Karen Avatar

    WP Fix It resolved my Wordpress page display issue quickly and fixed another ssl issue I was having as well. I highly recommend using them!

    Iolanthe Avatar

    I've used this service TWICE and both times I got positive FIXES. I will use again. no doubt and am contemplating getting on monthly... read more

    Susan Avatar

    Excellent service which cleaned my site promptly and professionally.

    No complaints, they did a stellar job for a reasonable price.

    Mitch Avatar
  • WP Fix it is dedicated to helping their clients with their websites. They are very knowledgeable in Word Press and go way beyond to help... read more

    Norma Avatar

    I can't thank them enough for their hard work! They took on my site with a ridiculously long load time and optimized all my (22,000)... read more

    Cheri Avatar

    Top notch help from these guys!
    Much appreciated:)

    Rich Avatar

    WPFixIt is a BLESSING and an answer to our PRAYERS! I can fix a lot of things on our customer's sites but sometimes I take... read more

    Kim Avatar

    positive review 🙂 This is a great service!

    Adam Avatar

    Jay was unbelievable! Extremely patient and cleaned all viruses and malware. Got me through several issues with my hosting provider and never gave up on... read more

    JB Avatar

    positive review Wasted 4 hours with 2 other expert sources for my problem. Finally contacted WP Fix It and it was resolved in 1 minute!

    Rosalind Avatar

    Absolutely amazing service. I tried to fix the speed of my site for months and couldn't figure it out. These guys did it in minutes!... read more

    Mark Avatar

    As a small business owner who is also in charge of my own website, I can quickly get in over my head with Wordpress. ... read more

    Gretchen Avatar

    positive review This is 2nd time I subscribed for their service. Earlier Nile provided me support for getting my website optimized and helped me to clean website's... read more

    Nitin Avatar

    Was great to finally get tech help to get my website up and running after 7 months of not knowing what to do and afraid... read more

    Mark Avatar

    positive review Very knowledgeable and always a quick fix.

    Sandy Avatar

    positive review Fast and reliable service. I've used them twice in two years, each time the problem was solved when others who tried were stumped. I highly... read more

    Ryan Avatar

    Simply put, they rocked it! $39 flat and my site was fixed and back up and running in about an hour. Jay kicked ass! Thank you!

    Troy Avatar

    Always happy with their service, although I am getting a bit sick of seeing that guy dancing around in whatever the hell that is he... read more

    Andrew Avatar

    WP fix it is amazing! Really fast and professional service.

    Hands down the best.

    Cristopher Avatar

    positive review Fast service fixed my issues in under 30 minutes exactly as I requested it. I've used them 5 times in the last year and... read more

    Hannah Avatar

    Fantastic service saved me from a near disaster. My website runs like a dream now. My engineer was incredibly helpful and quick, she kept me... read more

    Tracey Avatar

    positive review Great service company and can be fast. I build up credits over time so when I have an emergency I give them a ping.

    Carey Avatar

    Help this old dog learn a good few new tricks, excellent service from knowledgable representatives!

    Gail Avatar
  • Fixed my problem on my business website in hours! I was hacked and was losing business because of it The were very... read more

    Michael Avatar

    The speed-up service is excellent! My site loads lightning fast now! Thank you, WP Fix It for making my site better. The owner, Jarrett, is... read more

    Sionann Avatar

    These guys are great troubleshooters. I have had several significant issues with multiple websites and these guys have been able to get it fixed in... read more

    Thomas Avatar

    Jay has been incredible in speeding up my website. I remember being so nervous when i checked my site stats on GTMETRIX. Jay from WP... read more

    Ketakee Avatar

    positive review Bloody epic ! Easy and drama free

    Muwaaz Avatar

    positive review Jay has been extraordinary in completely resolving our speed issue. Excellent communication, solid advice and what a swift service. I am very impressed.

    Han Avatar

    positive review So quick, and literally exactly what I needed. I had low expectations based on experiences I've had in the past with other wordpress support companies,... read more

    Adam Avatar

    positive review I usually consider myself pretty good with Wordpress, but whenever I get too deep in the weeds these guys are there to help. They provide... read more

    Tony Avatar

    Once again, WP FIX IT is brilliant. Thank you for your amazingly quick response. I tried to perform the same tasks and gave up after... read more

    General WordPress Support 24/7 Image

    General WordPress Support 24/7

    Shari Avatar

    I just used the WP Fix It service for the first time. They resolved my technical issues quickly and accurately for my DividendGeek WordPress website... read more

    Blaine Avatar

    I was struggling for 3 days and this guy just fixed it in 5 minutes.. Awesome.

    Mel Avatar

    Opened a ticket on behalf of a client who had been locked out of their WordPress site dashboard after being abandoned by another designer. Within... read more

    Robert Avatar

    Like many others, I was pretty skeptical of using this service because I already had a horrible experience working with a local developer. Super glad... read more

    Geraldine Avatar

    Thank you to Jarrett for speeding up my site and answering my concerns!

    Alex Avatar

    I'm new to the Word Press world and had a couple of niggly questions which WP Fix It dealt with instanty with no hassle! Great... read more

    Julia Avatar

    I have used this service multiple times, and they have gotten me out of a bind each time, and for an incredibly reasonable fee. I... read more

    Brett Avatar

    I'm very pleased with this service. Jay fixed my problem really quickly and I'm glad I decided to use these guys. Would use again.

    Tom Avatar

    I had a malware issue and some problems with my core WP files. I had been pulling my hair out for a couple of days... read more

    Amanda Avatar

    I just used WP Fix It on Wordpress site that I was having issues with. I have been developing sites for 5 years and was... read more

    Joe Avatar

    Wonderful people, wonderful and fast service. Thanks for saving our website!

    Denise Avatar
  • positive review Super helpful! My problem was fixed immediately and my webpage is working better than ever. I highly recommend.

    Leslie Avatar

    Do you have a WordPress site? If you do, I know there are times you need help from an expert. WP Fix It is... read more

    Gay Avatar

    Mr. Fixit has solved my computer issues for many years. They make complicated issues seem simple. A true professional!

    Cindy Avatar

    Our e-commerce website crashed from a plugin we installed and didn't know how to fix. They fixed it in about 15 minutes. Thx.

    Rob Avatar

    I spent hours and hours trying to fix this with the help of my hosting company. Wpfixit had it fixed in about 4 minutes. Seriously.... read more

    John Avatar

    Jarrett is amazing! He is quick to respond, is knowledgeable about WordPress issues, and provides info on the fix if requested. My issue had defied... read more

    Amy Avatar

    positive review WP Fix It is astonishingly fast in both replying to you and doing a job well done. They have never failed me.

    Jordan Avatar

    I had an issue with WordPress loading after performing a migration to a new server. I had the database with all permissions setup and copied... read more

    Guy Avatar

    Was very helpful and got the work done in a timely manner. Would use again!

    Kayla Avatar

    Used the WP Fix It services to clean our website, great job, fast, professional, friendly! Thank you very much, highly satisfied! If we need another... read more

    Alla Avatar

    I hired this company to fix an issue on a client's website that I had worked for two days on myself. While I had asked... read more

    Michele Avatar

    positive review Super fast and efficient! What more could you want?!

    Paul Avatar

    As a budding small business owner I was elated to discover WP Fix It! They fixed my LLC’s site right up all while treating me... read more

    Caitlin Avatar

    positive review WPFixIt plug the gaps for me. I have a bazillion things to do in a day, and knowing I can hand over tech tasks when... read more

    Jenn Avatar

    I had a website speed up service on one of my clients websites and within an hour the website went from 5.6 to 3.1. Amazing... read more

    Jenny Avatar

    Did a great job, fast, available at night and weekends. Highly recommend. Great price too.

    Matt Avatar

    WPFIXIT is unbelievably good in erems of Tech Support.

    Neel Avatar

    positive review Great work! Wow, the website is fast now!

    Jennifer Avatar

    I just started working with WordPress and couldn't upload a photo. I had no idea what to do, but the guys at WP Fixit were... read more

    David Avatar

    Had a wonderful experience with NILE. She cleaned my site of the virus in a timely manner and was very accomodating.

    Amy Avatar
  • We have used WP FIX IT on two occasions, and each time they took care of our issue quickly. We feel great having them... read more

    Christopher Avatar

    positive review Jay is so fast! I plan to come back soon for another client to speed up their site! Love this company!

    Dawn Avatar

    First day on the Job and a total newbie at WordPress! WP Fixit helped me out of a minor jam! very quickly and efficiently..thank you!

    Stephen Avatar

    Great service, super quick and did a great job, will use again!

    Daniel Avatar

    positive review Excellent service and communication!
    Defintely speed up my website, thanks!

    Daniël Avatar

    Simply the best. This is not the first time I've used WP Fix it when I've botched up in my wordpress site and just when... read more

    Stuart Avatar